Communication Coaching

Communication Coaching

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”

George Bernard Shaw

I have considerable experience as a performer. These performing skills are also absolutely fundamental to any environment where excellent communication and interaction is vital. I can enhance you – and hence your business by:-

· Making you look, sound and feel much more confident in yourself, thus making others more confident in you

· Creating the best possible impression in your interviews

· Making your presentations or lectures more professional, engaging and compelling

Transforming your image…





Account Executive at NetSuite

Both myself and my wife were in the process of changing jobs, which for both of us involved panel interviews as part of the hiring process. We both engaged with Maggie to give us that edge that an employer is looking for from a stand-out candidate. Maggie’s experience in being able to offer constructive advice as to how to best present ourselves was invaluable. We both…more
Stuart was Margaret’s client

Owner, PH Energy Services, Author and Public Speaker

Maggie ran a training session on presentation skills and helped with the delivery of a talk a friend/colleague and I were giving. It was great fun and I learnt a considerable amount which I was able to put to immediate practice. Maggie’s years of experience as a performer mean that she has a wealth of tips and techniques which are easily understood and adopted for the…more
Katie was Margaret’s client

Career and Behavioural Performance Coach – Inspiring, trusted, challenging, thinking & action partner

The wealth of experience and expertise gained from her successful acting career which Maggie brings to our coaching sessions is second to none. I was so very nervous prior to our session together, however Maggie was able to quickly and with the utmost respect settle my nerves with some breathing exercises and explanation of what and why we may do things slightly…more
Allison was Margaret’s client