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A lot has happened in the last year – COVID has literally changed the world and all our lives have been thrown upside down…. We none of us know exactly when any kind of “normal” will return, but in time, it will – and we all look forward to it! The performing world has of course been hugely affected, and we haven’t been able to entertain people as we would have wished (but we will be back soon I am sure!). Music – and words – though, will always be vital to our welfare… Alas, I haven’t been able to rehearse new things with my fellow colleagues or perform in front of wonderful audiences this last year – but it hasn’t stopped me singing and reading plays and poetry for my own pleasure and welfare (and sometimes with friends online, which is great fun!).

I have also been giving singing and coaching lessons online (I’ve always loved teaching as well as performing) whilst we have been unable to get together in person and am enjoying it enormously! The pleasure I get from working with someone to build their confidence and develop their own voice, is only matched by the enthusiasm and positive effect it has on my clients! The great thing is that I can work remotely, but effectively, with people not only in the UK but much further afield!

It’s official you see! Singing really is good for you – regardless of your age or occupation! Learning to use your voice can have a significant effect on your whole well being – and never was there such a good time to start the ball rolling, as now! One way or another, COVID has affected us all, physically and/or emotionally, and either developing the voice you may already have, or finding it for the first time, can be hugely rewarding and beneficial to maintaining and sustaining the health of both your body and your mind! It’s a fantastic full “work-out” – and is proven as being especially benefial to those who have had COVID, as it can significantly improve breathing difficulties.

Additionally, since so much business interaction is now taking place online, it means effective verbal and visual communication is even more important to make the right impression and work – and I can really help you with all that too!
So whether it’s a desire to further develop a skill you want to improve upon for the future, boost your confidence or maintain or improve your general health, or simply to cheer yourself up by learning a new skill, do get in touch – and come and have fun finding YOUR voice!

You can contact me here on my website, or of course via Facebook or Instagram.

Take care! Maggie x

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