Vocal Coaching

Vocal Coaching

Margaret Preece

“As long as the human spirit thrives on this planet, music in some living form will accompany and sustain it”

Aaron Copland


I trained as a classical singer and after studying at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and the National Opera Studio, went on to establish myself as an opera and concert singer, and have played a wide and diverse range of leading roles for major opera companies both here and abroad.

I also have considerable experience within musical theatre and as a straight actress, and in good part, because of the excellent training I received as a student, can comfortably move from one genre to the other with ease – and I love it all!

I am a strong believer in the importance of a perfect marriage between the music and the drama – both are of equal significance, because performing is all about effective communication with an audience – and I have always been known as a singer who is also an actress in her own right.

It is essential therefore that the singing voice should be technically absolutely secure, such that the singer is totally confident before they open their mouth, as to how the sound is going to be produced: the mental preparation, the breathing, the support and control of that sound, the vowel placement, the tone, use of the lips and tongue and so on and so on.

Solid technique is as important within musical theatre as it is within grand opera, and a singer who does not have a good technique will almost certainly encounter vocal problems at some stage in their career, which can be disastrous…

In addition, many “straight” actors will be expected to use (and want to use) their singing voices at some stage in their careers nowadays, and with training, can find that this will hugely benefit them, not only in terms of possibly broadening their working opportunities, but also because the techniques of singing can also be applied to the production of the spoken word as an actor.

My background as a singer has unquestionably helped me as an actress. Through many of the opera companies I have worked with over the years, I have been involved with setting up workshops on singing and performance, and master-classes with music and drama students, and I have also taught singing through the music departments of schools and colleges and independently as a vocal coach with private students.

I find it hugely rewarding to watch an individual blossom and improve, and their self-confidence rise, and in the highly competitive environment of the professional theatre it is important for performers to be as competent as possible in all aspects of their profession. I love performing myself and constantly strive to hone and improve my craft, and can pass on the knowledge that I have acquired in my own career, with a boundless enthusiasm and passion…

It is also, by the way, just plain fun to learn how to sing your favorite songs or arias, even if you have no intention of ever following a career in music or the theatre, but simply enjoy making music with others as a recreation!

So if you are interested you can contact me on:- Email: molliesmusic@aol.com